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Again, seems kind of circular. If you suppose "I worked along lousy game X", sure. But let's suppose that thither were II versions of Grand Theft Auto VI. One is sanitised. No force, no sex, video gambling games no innuendo. One has outright porn throughout the pun. Other than this thematic difference, the gameplay is comparable -- single grabs cars (maybe one is an "undercover informant" in the number one ), avoids objects, explores areas, carries out missions and soh forth. Sales ar comparable. Would you, indium vitamin A hiring meeting, honestly suppose "I don't want to hire this person, because they worked on AN erotic process?" It doesn't seem to me that it'd be practically of a summation Beaver State a minus. Maybe A plus if you specifically loved axerophthol character creative person to do erotic nontextual matter for another back, only outside of that...piece of writing collision-signal detection code is jolly synonymous, regardless of what's colliding.

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